10 Things I am thankful for

write_now_i_am 10 Things I am thankful for

My personal overall mood boosters!

It is so easy to mention 10 things in 10 seconds that frustrate the hell out of me! Well, sitting back, and taking a minute to think about the things that make me smile eases the anxieties. These 10 things make me breathe easier.

1. My kid

He is the funniest kid I know. My best times with him are the times he experiences things for the first time and I get to be there to witness his reactions. Priceless!

2. Long-walk Sundays

Myself and partner jump in the car and drive. We experience beautiful sceneries together exploring our home city and surrounds. At times we literally get lost and have great laughs trying to find our car.

3. My teenager cats

My four-legged kids bring fantastic comedy shows daily. Optimus Prime is a 2-year-old (14 years old in cat world) salt and pepper striped male feels he has first dibs on all food. Princess Nala, also 2 and a bit, is a little ginger ninja who loves chasing her tail for fun.

4. Kash’s getaway

I do adore my family and friends. But, I love time to myself. I would find myself at my favourite place. A secret-like park hidden along the river close but away from the concrete jungle. Being among the fallen leaves and listening to the gentle flow of the river stream over little rocks while butterflies bring silent beauty is the perfect 1-hour getaway.

5. Sushi

Nothing can make my palette dance quite like some fresh salmon roses or deep fried tuna encased with rice, wrapped in seaweed topped with crispy treats and a heavenly secret sauce.

6. Libraries

I know. I know. Everything is easier now with technology and I can simply click to read but I do love going to select a book and reading it from cover to cover flipping the pages as the intrigue mounts.

7. Online Anxiety communities

I am part of something. A powerful something. I don’t feel alone anymore or ashamed of my condition. Reading others stories really helps me with coping.

8. Solutions

Knowing (after stressing) that every problem has a solution. All I need to do is research and usually, the answer is in a stranger’s help.

9. Faith

I feel believing in a higher power aligns my personal character and builds hope.

10. Opportunities

“You so lucky opportunities usually comes your way” – says people in my life. I say it is merely me, myself and I who recognises the potential and grabs it with both hands. The go-get-it attitude is noticed by those who I don’t even know are watching and this creates more opportunity.

Here are some more thankful folk!


writenowiam_what are your 10 things?

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